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We offer loans for every situation, whether it’s straightforward or unique. Our process is quick and efficient, ensuring you can move forward with ease.

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  • Home Loans

Pick the Right Home Purchase Loan for You

Get fast, custom loan quotes to compare. Fill out our streamlined, 100% online loan application. Move through the approval process quickly and seamlessly.

  • Investment Loans

Investment Property Loans

The investor experience is tailored for individuals of all levels, regardless of whether they are experienced investors or novices, and it is not restricted to conventional methods.

  • Commercial Loans

Commercial Mortgage Loans

Commercial real estate properties can include office, retail, industrial/warehouse, self-storage, healthcare (medical office, skilled nursing facility, memory care, hospitals), hospitality (hotel, motel, resort), and mixed-use.

Ven Sunkara

Mortgage Specialist

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We have close to 100 lenders ready to work with you to close the deal

Low Wholesale Rates. No Hassle

Find out how Ven Sunkara can help make qualifying for a low-rate mortgage EASY.

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Find Out How Much You Can Borrow

The first step in obtaining a loan is to determine how much money you can borrow. In case of buying a home, you should determine how much home you can afford even before you begin looking. By answering a few simple questions, we will calculate your buying power, based on standard lender guidelines.

You may also elect to get pre-approved for a loan which requires verification of your income, credit, assets and liabilities.  It is recommended that you get pre-approved before you start looking for your new house so you:

  1. Look for properties within your range.
  2. Be in a better position when negotiating with the seller (seller knows your loan is already approved).
  3. Close your loan quicker
Why Us

“Ven Sunkara has lots of local knowledge and he is very customer focus and guided me very well to close my home as per my requirements. He has lots of patience, always on time to follow up with other parties and get the resolution done in a decent amount of time which helped to speed up the entire process.”

Sundeep Reddy P

First-time home buyer.

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“Helping one person may not change the whole world, but it could change the whole world for that one person”.

Ven Sunkara
Mortgage Specialist

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